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Even though 25% of the animals that come into the shelter are pure-bred and need homes as much as the other animals, donít be blind to the charm of the fuzzy mop of a dog with a long body or the lithe black and white cat with a Siamese kink in her tail. They all want to be loved by doting pet parents who think they are the most wonderful animals in the whole world. And they are.

Adoption Process

The adoption process is easy after a special animal has chosen you. There are a few rules we insist on that are explained in the adoption application.

You must agree to the terms of the contract.

Your rental contract must allow pets. We will check with your landlord. If you live in a mobile
   home, the park manager must give permission.

This must not be a gift for another. Gift certificates are available.

You must not have failed to spay or neuter a previous animal.

You must not have surrendered an animal to the shelter.

You must not have a history of having two pets lost, run over or run away.

You will have a two-week trial period with your new pet. If you and your pet arenít seeing eye-to-eye or if your new pet isnít satisfactory, you may return the animal for a refund or exchange it for another pet.

Adoption Fees

 Dogs: $40 with Bordatella and DA2PP shots
Cats: $30 with Bordatella and FVRCP (distemper) shots

A $50 deposit is required for an animal that is not spayed or neutered. When the animal is altered, your deposit will be returned. Kansas State Statue 47-1731 states that any animal adopted from a shelter must be spayed or neutered.

Special Adoptions

     Twice as Nice

They say twoís better than one. So itís in this spirit that we offer our Twice as Nice program! Adopt one animal and get 50% off the adoption fee of a second. Pets must get along, and the second adoption must take place the same day as the first.

Lonely Hearts Club

Ever get picked last or next-to-last in P.E.? Thatís how these cats and dogs feel. As members of the Lonely Hearts Club, these pets have been waiting for far too long for the right person to adopt them. So to help them find a forever home, weíve reduced their adoption fee by half.


Adoptable Pets


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